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2017 American Climate Metrics: Los Angeles

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June 27, 2018: Leadership Circle Quarterly Meeting

  • DESCRIPTION: Climate Resolve hosted this year’s second Leadership Circle Quarterly Meeting on June 27, 2018.On June 27, Climate Resolve hosted the P2PLA Leadership Circle Quarterly Meeting on Faith-Based Climate Solutions. Our first guest speaker, Eugene Shirley (Co-founder and President of Pando Populus), talked about Pando’s unique approach to collaborating with local faith communities on ecological projects. Our second guest speaker, Anita (Ani) Fête Crews (Director of Blessed Tomorrow at ecoAmerica), shared her insight on how to engage with faith leaders and communities on climate action across different faith traditions.

May 9, 2018: Path to Positive Los Angeles: American Climate Metrics

  • DESCRIPTION: Climate Resolve hosted this webinar featuring speakers, Meighen Speiser (Chief Engagement Officer of ecoAmerica) and Paige Fery (Research Manager at ecoAmerica), to delve into the 2017 American Climate Metrics Survey: Los Angeles and to discuss how we might use its findings in our communications on climate solutions, as well as survey how Los Angeles residents compare to the national averages when it comes to climate solutions and advocacy.

February 27, 2018: Climate Polling and Solutions Meeting

  • DESCRIPTION: How do Angelenos feel about climate change? On February 27th, we explored the answer to this question with Dan Barry, Director of Path to Positive Communities at ecoAmerica. Dan presented on Angelenos’ climate attitudes as reflected in ecoAmerica’s most recent LA Climate Metrics Survey. Dan’s talk highlighted Angelenos’ personal experience of climate-related impacts in the region, such as drought, floods, and poor air quality, and their overwhelming support for climate action at the city-wide and individual levels. Following Dan’s presentation, Anna Van (Climate Corps Fellow at Climate Resolve) presented on statewide efforts to address climate impacts and increase climate resilience.

February 7, 2018: Leadership Circle Quarterly Meeting

  • DESCRIPTION: Climate Resolve hosted the second Path to Positive LA Quarterly Meeting on February 7th. To kick off the meeting, Kristina von Hoffmann (Outreach Director at Climate Resolve) presented on ecoAmerica’s American Climate Metrics 2017 Los Angeles polling results, which reflected Angelenos’ climate attitudes. We invited Fern Nueno from the City of Long Beach to share the City’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) process. Garrett Wong from the City of Santa Monica shared innovative ideas the city is experimenting with to achieve its climate action goals.

December 7, 2017: Leadership Circle Quarterly Meeting

  • DESCRIPTION: On December 7th, Climate Resolve hosted the first Path to Positive Los Angeles (P2PLA) Quarterly Meeting. Our guest speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades from the LA County Department of Public Health, presented on the nexus between public health and climate change. Dr. Rhoades provided attendees with an exclusive preview of the department’s Urban Heat Island Reduction Plan — the County’s comprehensive strategy to alleviate health issues triggered by climate change. Climate Resolve’s Kristina von Hoffmann presented a climate communications training, giving participants tips from ecoAmerica’s 15 Steps” and “Let’s Talk Climateguides. The training focused on research-based methods for starting conversations on climate impacts and solutions within the community.

November 2, 2017: Let’s Talk Climate: Expert Communications Strategies for the LA-Regional Health Community and Beyond

  • DESCRIPTION: Path to Positive hosted the LET’S TALK CLIMATE: Expert Communications Strategies for the LA-Regional Health Community and Beyond featuring Climate Resolve’s Kristina von Hoffmann and ecoAmerica’s Daniel Barry. This session featured communication and behavioral science expertise, including best practices and the latest research and tested messages from ecoAmerica’s 15 StepsandLet’s Talk Climateguides. Additionally, Kristina presented on the nexus between climate change and public health specific to the Los Angeles region.
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