Local Climate Leadership: Wendy Yu

Posted by on Friday, May 25th, 2018

Tell us about your work on climate.
As a business development and strategy manager for ENGIE, I work with both the public and private sectors to find cost savings and achieve sustainability goals through energy efficiency and behind the meter renewable energy solutions.

What inspired you on your career path? And what or who inspires you now?
I traveled to China frequently throughout grade school to visit family and a few times for work. The smog and health impacts drove my interest towards clean energy. I am inspired by our CEO Isabelle Kocher and her leadership in revamping the company to focus on the energy revolution by divesting from fossil fuels and investing in renewable energy and cleantech.

What are the barriers you face in work — and what could make your job easier?
The biggest challenge is getting potential customers to see the (renewable energy powered) light and understand the financial, social, and environmental benefits of implementing clean energy.

A genie grants you two wishes that will help fight climate change. What do you ask for? The third wish is for anything you want (sky’s the limit!).

  1. Policies that solve for environmental externalities and help commercialize technologies that effectively capture carbon and other VOCs
  2. A solution for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and smarter waste management (Cradle to Cradle)
  3. Healthy people and a healthy planet
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