LA Declaration on Climate Action

The people of the Los Angeles region call for climate action now.

Los Angeles is a community of forward-looking people. We are a city that believes that we can lead fulfilled lives – even in the face of adversity such as damage to our climate – and that if we make the right choices now, our best days are still ahead of us.

By meeting the challenge of climate change, we can create a healthier, safer, more equitable and livable region. We can clean our air, protect our health, improve public transit, create good paying jobs, capitalize on business opportunities, enhance our parks and public spaces, and protect the ecosystems on which we all depend. We must all act – together.

Scientists agree that climate change is happening now and that human activity is the cause. Here in Los Angeles we are already experiencing the effects of a changing climate. Scientists predict that temperatures will increase by 3-5°F in southern California and that our shoreline will rise by a foot within 30 years. Wildfires are predicted to consume more of our hills and forests. Droughts will become dryer, and floods more severe. Yet, in the face of these threats, we remain hopeful.


Local Government & Communities


  • Are responsible for protecting communities that are on the front line of climate change
  • Have the power and responsibility to set policy to blunt the impacts of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also taking measures to strengthen our response – through forward-looking infrastructure provision, well-designed waste systems, and sustainable transportation
  • Have the duty to protect and care for all communities, especially low-income communities and communities of color • Educate and involve constituents


  • Partner with communities to adopt strategies that both prepare people and nature for climate impacts and bestow social benefits
  • Accelerate the transition from dirty energy and petroleum to clean renewable forms of energy, by divesting from dirty fuels as well as through purchasing policies and integrating climate action planning with the general planning process
  • Foster green jobs and green business opportunities through policy and communication
  • Craft policy through a transparent process with particular attention to social equity
  • Engage our constituents in crafting, supporting, and participating in positive climate programs and policies
Health Community


  • Believe that all people have a right to a healthy environment
  • Are knowledgeable about how climate change significantly increases many health risks, such as respiratory disease from air pollution, water-, vector- and food-borne illness, physical injury from extreme weather, and mental health problems
  • Know that climate change disproportionately impacts people of color, low income communities the very young and old, and those with chronic illness
  • Support climate solutions that offer opportunities to improve health and to reduce health inequities • Understand that caring for health includes caring for the climate, and that prevention is the most effective and efficient way to promote health; building resilience is key to protecting health
  • Are committed to bettering the health of people and communities
  • Have a responsibility to inform about climate threats to health, and to advocate for policies and programs that provide benefits for health and the climate


  • Educate, engage, empower and invest in the people and communities we serve to implement and advocate for healthy communities and for climate solutions with health co-benefits
  • Collaborate, with other sectors, businesses, and community-based organizations to support and implement climate solutions that benefit health
  • Use our voice to advocate for programs and policies that reduce climate change risk, protect people from climate impacts, and promote healthier and more equitable communities
  • Seek to influence the health industry and public policy to limit carbon pollution and prepare for climate impacts
  • Implement policies and programs within our own organizations to reduce our emissions, prepare for health impacts and to increase climate resiliency
Business Community


  • Is aiding the transition to a low-carbon economy and helping the region prepare for the physical consequences of climate change
  • Is aware of how climate risk impacts companies’ bottom line and the economy at large
  • Is aware that responding to the climate challenge creates valuable business opportunities, and that these opportunities are competitive with other cities and regions


  • Show leadership in the region by deploying no- and low-carbon technologies
  • Evaluate our facilities and fleets, supply chains, production, distribution, and practices in order to reduce climate impacts and risk in our operations
  • Adapt to the changing climate to preserve our region’s economic prosperity
  • Support transparency in reporting the environmental and social footprints of our operations, products, and services
  • Support and influence federal, state and local action and policy aimed at addressing climate change
  • Engage our employees, suppliers, distributors, and customers in crafting, supporting, and participating in positive climate programs, policies, and personal behavior
Higher Education Community


  • As centers of learning and research, are empowering students, faculty, and staff to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience required to create and accelerate climate solutions
  • Are engaged in research on the scope and impact of climate disruption as well as innovating solutions
  • Are models of sustainability on their Southern California campuses, demonstrating cutting-edge technologies and practices
  • Are key economic engines, providing training and skills for the new sustainable economy
  • Are engaged on climate change, using their unique honest-broker position to seed collaboration among local governments, businesses and nonprofits


  • Promote and support academic programs and research on the climate crisis and its solutions
  • Model sustainable behavior for the region
  • Support and reinforce each other’s efforts by participating in collaborations regional, national, and global
  • Engage in interdisciplinary experience-based learning programs across universities, including humanities, sciences, and the arts
  • Engage our staff, faculty, students, and the K-12 community in crafting, supporting, and participating in positive climate programs and policies
Environmental Community


  • Has been diligent in warning the public about the dangers of climate change • Understands that when we harm the environment, we harm ourselves, and that all life depends on the earth’s environment and natural resources
  • Realizes that time is of the essence for us to prepare for climate risks and put our region and our nation on a path to a positive and sustainable future
  • Sees climate protection as an opportunity to improve quality of life by incorporating science-based solutions to create green infrastructure networks that foster equitable and healthy communities


  • Listen, speak and act with urgency and commitment in the face of the threat to earth’s inhabitability for all life, and express environmental goals as opportunities for a better, more livable world
  • Actively engage, educate, support, and collaborate with diverse sectors and appreciate their values in the fight against climate change, as well as youth, since they will lead in the future
  • Hold government and stakeholders accountable to commitments to progress on climate solutions
  • Focus on local scale solutions -- such as land use planning, clean transportation, renewable energy, low-impact buildings, and reduced consumption -- to strengthen a growing climate movement
  • Advocate for the protection of nature as a good in itself, the source of air, water, food, and other critical resources, and as a means to address the climate crisis
  • Engage our members and supporters in designing, supporting, and participating in sustainable climate programs and policies that are equitable for all and build more vibrant communities
Faith Community


  • Experience the wonder of the world as our common home, recognize with awe the interconnectedness of all things, and as such have a responsibility to "be with" and bear witness to this truth
  • Uniformly across the world’s major religions, acknowledge the supreme importance of transforming consciousness in addressing climate change and have called on their members to actively engage in transformative action
  • Have a proud tradition in America of leadership on social justice issues
  • Believe we all, as reconcilers of our planet, have an obligation to combat climate change and protect our earth for coming generations


  • Work within our congregations to walk gently on this Earth and to create new fellowship over climate issues, with special care to inspire younger congregants
  • Collaborate with interfaith partners to mobilize our communities to act
  • Raise our voices to support smart climate policies
  • Educate and advocate for action, bearing in mind that as trusted messengers supporting the common good, our moral witness can help to overcome partisan divisions
  • Engage our congregations and communities in crafting, supporting, and participating in positive climate programs and policies


I want to join the Path to Positive: Los Angeles campaign and I will:

Publicly endorse the Path to Positive: Los Angeles campaign and encourage 10 friends, family, and colleagues to join and share this declaration via the website and social media (#P2PLA)

Take action to reduce my personal contribution to climate change. This can take many forms, from commuting by bicycle or public transit to installing a smart thermostat or a cool roof. When I take these actions, I will post on the website and share via social media (#MyClimateAction and #P2PLA)

Engage leaders and constituents in my community – elected leaders as well as business, faith, health, education leaders and others – to work through their institutions to craft and participate in positive climate solutions

Advocate politically – I will evaluate political candidates’ views and actions on carbon pollution and preparing for climate impacts, and will vote and advocate accordingly

Newest Leaders on the Path to Positive

D. Shawn Burkley, Attorney, D, Shawn Burkley, Attorney-at-Law
Sarah Olds, Owner, Gazelle Pilates, LLC
Sandra Fluke, Public Interest Attorney
Stephanie Molen, Stephanie Molen, President, LALCV
Stephen Maack, Stephen Maack, Owner and Lead Consultant, REAP Change Consultants
Katherine Bull, ENC Rep to Area 2 Alternate, Encino Neighborhood Council
Debra Matlock, Chair of the Environmental Affairs Committee, Los Feliz Neighborhood Council
Jennifer Lentz, Ph.D., Education & Citizen Science Programs Coordinator, Aquarium of the Pacific
Jessica Handy, Education Program, Kiss the Ground
Renee Dake Wilson, Principal, Dake Wilson Architects
Fern Nueno, Planner, City of Long Beach
Dana Murray, Environmental Sustainability Manager, City of Manhattan Beach
Brian Sheridan, Development Director, Coalition for Clean Air
Amy Francis, User Experience Designer
Michelle Levy, City Planner, City of Los Angeles
Ashley Hefner, Advance Planning Manager, City of Culver City
Julien Gattaciecca, Project Manager (Clean Energy and Climate Change), UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation
Mario Lopez, Agent Assistant, WME
Chuck Tyler, Owner, Millenium Ventures LLC
Yair Crane
Katie Decker, Startup Program Community Manager, Esri
Loraine Lundquist, Faculty Associate at the Institute for Sustainability, CSUN
Catherine Gavin
Jenay Nelson, Marketer
Ashish Verma, Manager (Energy & Climate), ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
Davia Rivka, Citizens' Climate Lobby
Alison Brown, Flux Energy Systems, Inc.
Luke Massman-Johnson, American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA)
Alexandra Sokol
Marc Caswell
Marcy Rye, Principal, Wire Media
Tiffany Dang, Intern, SolarCity
Rachel Ozer, Staff Engineer
Helmi Hisserich, Housing Director, Housing & Community Investment Department
CJ Johnson, CEO, founder, Januel+Johnson
Han Lo, Executive Director, Open House Los Angeles
Steve LaDochy, Professor, CSULA
Andrew Skotzko
Ernesto Hidalgo, Civic Impact Consulting
Dylan Matlack, Commercial Lines, HUB International
Mark Bernstein, Director, Proteus Environmental Technologies
Kara Young, Creative Coordinator, Housing Corporation of America
Nina Priore, Marketing Creative
Brittany Ford, International Affairs, FiiS
Wendy Yu, Business Development & Strategy Manager, OpTerra Energy Services
Suzanne Lewis, Event Planner/Publicist, Brilliant Events
Emma Rieves, Utah Clean Energy
Karina Macias, Transportation Planner, City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation
Jessica Cohen, Recycling and Waste Administrator, University of Southern California
Audrey Stimson
Nadia Sprinza
Victoria Durand
April Economides, President, Green Octopus Consulting, Energize California Orange County Director
Jose Ramirez
Misha Kouzeh, MSc,
Kiana Lucero, Project Coordinator, Institute For Sustainability at California State University, Northridge
Sarah Gallagher, VIce President, Communications & Marketing, GNA Creative | a division of Gladstein, Neandross & Associates
Michael Parks, Attorney, Schimmel & Parks, APLC
Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker, Director/writer,
Julie Donsky, Talent Producer, Climate reality
Jocelyn Estiandan
Daniele Neuharth, Strategic Partnerships, EARTHx
Rebecca Wilson, Chemical Engineering, University of Southern California
Apryl DeLancey, Founder, El Porto Shark
Moses Seenarine, Director, Climate Change 911
Yarden Segal, UCLA extantion sustainability
Stella Ursua, Strategic Partnerships Manager, GRID Alternatives
Salem Afeworki, Founder & Program Director, Value Sustainability
Wesley Reutimann, Executive Director, BikeSGV
Jim Stewart, Co-Chair, Energy-Climate Committee, Sierra Club California
Craig Ebert, President, Climate Action Reserve
Avishay Artsy, Producer, KCRW's Design and Architecture
Mac Shorty, Chairman, Watts neighborhood Council
Henry Lo, School Boardmember, Garvey Elementary School District
Bích Ngọc Cao, President, Board of Library Commissioners, Los Angeles
Ani Baker
Laurie Peters, Director of Communications, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI)
Kendrick Rustad, KR Interior Design Group
Albin Gielicz, Author, The Super Sustainables
Alison Simard, Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW)
Garrett Wong, City of Santa Barbara
Peggy Kellen, Director of Policy, The Climate Registry
Ross Zelen, Policy Manager, VerdeXchange
Amity Balbutin-Burnham, Project Development Manager, EDF Renewable Energy
Sayra Moran, Brand Manager
Maria Sipin, Student Fellow, Multicultural Communities for Mobility / PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions
Jessica Schumer, The Children's Clinic
Anna Pearson, Music manager, Red Light Management
Dylan Gasperik, Video Production Manager, Media Strategist, Tigercomm
Connor Murphy-Boyd, Designer, Abode Communities
Omar Brownson, Co-Founder and CEO, gthx
Elsie Sims, Artist
Madelyn Glickfeld, Director of Partnerships, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
Lisa Watson, Director, Laspa Center for Leadership, Scripps College
Steve LePore
Ryan Stolley, Program Manager, Utah Climate Action Network
Paula Daniels, Co-founder, Center for Good Food Purchasing
Lisa Cahan Davis, Community Engagement Officer
Juli Schulz, Consultant
Aaron Paley, President, Community Arts Resources
Andre van Zijl, Rev, All Paths Divinity School
Debrah Friedland-vanZyl, Co-Director, All Paths Divinity School - interfaith/interspiritual
Anita Landecker, Executive Director, ExEd
Amanda Landry
Peggy Knudson, VP, Health
Edward Huang, Principal, Business
Grieg Asher, Green Region Program Manager, Local Government
Daniel Mabe, Founder/President, Business
Elizabeth Rhoades, Climate Change Lead, LA County Dept. of Public Health
Clare Weber, Associate Vice President of Faculty Affairs and Development, Business
Heather Hockenberry
Lorena Palacios, Climate Action Fellow, Higher Education
Dana Coffman, Development Associate, Business
Douglas Sereno, Member, Local Government
Sarah Callaghan, Marketing Director, Business
Dennis Keeley, Chair of the Photography and Imaging Dept, Higher Education
Ron Milam, Principal, Business
Justin Massey, Mayor Pro Tem, Local Government
Juana Torres, Advancement Director, Southwest Region, Sierra Club
Katie Means
Robert Pullen-Miles, Mayor, City of Lawndale
Jacki Bacharach, Executive Director, South Bay Cities Council of Governments
Jessica Duboff, Vice-President, Public Policy, LA Chamber of Commerce
Keith Malone, Public Affairs Consultant, California Fuel Cell Partnership (BKi)
Diana Mahmud, Councilmember, City of South Pasadena
Natasha Roland
Jeremy Kagan
Mona Telega
David Arian, Vice President, Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners
Lou La Monte, Mayor, City of Malibu
Kit Cole, Principal and Owner, Kit Cole Consulting
Kevin James, President, Board of Public Works
Cinzia Fissore, Assistant Professor, Biology & Environmental Science, Whittier College
RL Miller, Cofounder, Climate Hawks Vote
(In Memoriam) Bonnie Reiss, Global Director, USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy
Thomas Wong, President, San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District
James Stone, Professor of Political Science, Mt. San Antonio College
Patricia Castellanos, LA Harbor Commissioner
David Eisenman, Professor and Director, UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters
Nancy Rae Stone, Program Manager, Film & TV Tax Credit Program
Karen Bacolod, Planning Commissioner, City of Artesia
Justin Luedy, Environmental Specialist, Port of Long Beach
Luis Ayala, Councilmember, City of Alhambra
Stuart Cooley, Professor, Renewable Energies, SMC
Nancy Pearlman, Trustee Emeritus, Los Angeles Community College District
Stephanie Williams
Adlai Wertman
Alexis Reyes, Assistant Director of Sustainability, Pomona College
Kelly Middleton, Director of Community Affairs, Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District
David Haake, Professor (UCLA), West LA Group Chair (Sierra Club)
Joe Lyou, Governor's Appointee, South Coast AQMD
Rob Lempert, Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School & Director, Frederick S. Pardee Center for Longer Range Global Policy and the Future Human Condition
Allen Schuman, Chairman, Green Business Council of Southern California
Jeff Duclos
Mike McAdam, Director of Purchasing, Fullerton School District
Dennis Rodriguez, Chief City Executive – LA/SF/SD, Siemens
David Rosenstein, President, Intex Solutions, Inc.
Paul Krekorian, Councilmember, City of Los Angeles, District 2
Brinda Sarathy, Director, Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability at Pitzer College
Steve LaDochy, Professor of Geosciences & Environment
Helen Cox, Director, Institute for Sustainability, CSUN
Mike Bonin, Councilmember, City of Los Angeles, District 11
John Mirisch, Mayor, Beverly Hills
Adam R. Smith, Program Manager, Climate Policy, Southern California Edison
Louise Sandhaus, Faculty, California Institute of the Arts
Jane Paul, Head of the Bachelor of Arts Urban Studies Concentration, Antioch University
Jimmy H. Hara, MD, FAAFP, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education. Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science
Meghan Sahli-Wells
Amanda Pyle
Charles Brunk, Permaculture Consultant
Daniel Barry, Director, Path to Positive Communities
Chin Ho Liao, Mayor, City of San Gabriel
James Waterhouse, Citizens Climate Lobby
Beth Steckler, Deputy Director, MoveLA
Albert Cohen, Reverend, So Cal Ecumenical Council
Andy Shrader, Director of Environmental Affairs, Water Policy & Sustainability, Office of Councilmember Paul Koretz
Kent Minault, Sierra Club Representative
Cara Horowitz, Executive Director, UCLA Emmett Institute
Tom Buttgenbach, President, Eight Minute Energy
Eugene Shirley, Co-Founder, Pando Populus
Will Wright, Director of Government and Public Affairs, AIA Los Angeles
Gary Gero, Chief Sustainability Officer, County of Los Angeles
Colleen Callahan, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation
Joshua Paget, New Urbanism Film Festival
Joel Epstein, Joel Epstein Communications Strategy
Alex Hall, UCLA Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Sonia Guggenheim, Director of Media, Climate Solidarity
Tom Bowman, President, Bowman Change, Inc.
Ruth Broyde-Sharone, So Cal Parliament of the World's Religions
Ranlyn Tilley Hill, President, Benevolent Vision
Linda Escalante, Natural Resources Defense Council
Lee Wallach, President, Faith2Green
Katharine Reich, UCLA Center for Climate Change Solutions
Juan Matute, UCLA Lewis Center and the Institute of Transportation Studies
Joel Reynolds, Western Director, Natural Resources Defense Council
Joan Harper, Executive Director, Fair Trade LA
Holli Fajack, Sustainability Coordinator, Cal State Long Beach
Hadley Greswold, Project Manager, Climate Solidarity
Duane Muller, President, The Playa Group
Diane Schrader, CEO, Thirdact
David Levitus, Director, Climate Cents
Casandra Rauser, Director, UCLA's Sustainable LA Grand Challenges Project
Ali Tweini, Teamsters Local
Ron Galperin, Controller City of Los Angeles
Paul Junger Witt, TV and Film Producer
Paul Koretz, LA City Councilmember
Nurit Katz, Chief Sustainability Officer, UCLA
Danny Kennedy, Co-founder, Sungevity
Ed Begley, Jr., Actor
Hilary Godwin, UCLA School of Public Health
Mitch Englander, LA City Councilmember
Mia Lehrer, President, Mia Lerher & Assoc.
Richard Jackson, UCLA School of Public Health
Emily Castor, Director of Transportation Policy, Lyft
Chris Holden, California State Assembly Member
John Yi, Director of Advocacy, American Lung Association in California
Sheila Kuehl, LA County Supervisor
Path To Positive Los Angeles