Local action on climate change will make our lives better today and in the future.

Climate change is contributing to the California drought, degrading the air quality in Los Angeles, and threatening our public health — but we can do something about it, and help lead the nation to a clean energy future.

We know Los Angeles can lead the nation in accelerating and amplifying effective solutions for climate change, and we are working collectively to broaden the call for climate solutions — with an emphasis on local action. Path to Positive: Los Angeles building awareness and support for climate solutions by inspiring and empowering organizations and the community towards collaboration for meaningful progress, including legislation and plans that guarantee real and measured impacts.

Path to Positive LA Leaders - Click here to see 60+ Leadership Circle members

The Path to Positive: Los Angeles campaign, jointly organized by the nonprofits Climate Resolve and ecoAmerica, is empowering local leaders to enable them to reduce their emissions and engage Angelenos in climate solutions that will make a difference now and in the future.

Sheila Kuehl, LA County Supervisor

John Yi, Director of Advocacy, American Lung Association in California

Chris Holden, California State Assembly Member

Emily Castor, Director of Transportation Policy, Lyft

Richard Jackson, UCLA School of Public Health

Mia Lehrer, President, Mia Lerher & Assoc.

Mitch Englander, LA City Councilmember

Hilary Godwin, UCLA School of Public Health

Ed Begley, Jr., Actor

Danny Kennedy, Co-founder, Sungevity

Nurit Katz, Chief Sustainability Officer, UCLA

Paul Koretz, LA City Councilmember

Paul Junger Witt, TV and Film Producer

Ron Galperin, Controller City of Los Angeles

Ali Tweini, Teamsters Local

Casandra Rauser, Director, UCLA's Sustainable LA Grand Challenges Project

David Levitus, Director, Climate Cents

Diane Schrader, CEO, Thirdact

Duane Muller, President, The Playa Group

Hadley Greswold, Project Manager, Climate Solidarity

Holli Fajack, Sustainability Coordinator, Cal State Long Beach

Joan Harper, Executive Director, Fair Trade LA

Joel Reynolds, Western Director, Natural Resources Defense Council

Juan Matute, UCLA Lewis Center and the Institute of Transportation Studies

Katharine Reich, UCLA Center for Climate Change Solutions

Lee Wallach, President, Faith2Green

Linda Escalante, Natural Resources Defense Council

Ranlyn Tilley Hill, President, Benevolent Vision

Ruth Broyde-Sharone, So Cal Parliament of the World's Religions

Tom Bowman, President, Bowman Change, Inc.

Sonia Guggenheim, Director of Media, Climate Solidarity

Alex Hall, UCLA Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Joel Epstein, Joel Epstein Communications Strategy

Joshua Paget, New Urbanism Film Festival

Colleen Callahan, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation

Gary Gero, President, Climate Action Reserve

Will Wright, AIA Los Angeles

Eugene Shirley, Co-Founder, Pando Populus

Tom Buttgenbach, President, Eight Minute Energy

Cara Horowitz, Executive Director, UCLA Emmett Institute

Kent Minault, Siera Club

Andy Shrader, Director of Environmental Affairs, Water Policy & Sustainability

Albert Cohen, Reverend, So Cal Ecumenical Council

Beth Steckler, Deputy Director, MoveLA

James Waterhouse, Citizens Climate Lobby

Chin Ho Liao, Mayor, City of San Gabriel

Daniel Barry, Director, Path to Positive Communities

Charles Brunk, Permaculture Consultant

Amanda Pyle,

Meghan Sahli-Wells, City Council Member

Jimmy H. Hara, MD, FAAFP, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Jane Paul, Head of the Bachelor of Arts Urban Studies Concentration

Louise Sandhaus, Faculty

Adam R. Smith, Program Manager, Climate Policy

John Mirisch, Mayor, Beverly Hills

Mike Bonin, Councilmember

Helen Cox, Director, Institute for Sustainability

Steve LaDochy, Professor of Geosciences & Environment

Brinda Sarathy, Director

Paul Krekorian, Councilmember

David Rosenstein, President

Dennis Rodriguez, Chief City Executive – LA/SF/SD

Mike McAdam, Director of Purchasing

Jeff Diclos, City Council Member

Allen Schuman, Chairman

Rob Lempert, Professor

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