217+ Path to Positive LA Leadership Circle Members

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The Path to Positive: Los Angeles campaign, jointly organized by the nonprofits Climate Resolve and ecoAmerica, is empowering local leaders to enable them to reduce their emissions and engage Angelenos in climate solutions that will make a difference now and in the future.
Sheila Kuehl , LA County Supervisor
John Yi , Director of Advocacy, American Lung Association in California
Chris Holden , California State Assembly Member
Emily Castor , Director of Transportation Policy, Lyft
Richard Jackson , UCLA School of Public Health

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We need to solve the climate emergency, no more bandaids on the problem! Join us in the #MomentUs campaign and call your Senator and Congresspeople today. Need a script? Find one here: buff.ly/3gwLIE2 pic.twitter.com/cZwc…

Path to Positive Los Angeles is a strategic organizing initiative that inspires and empowers Angelenos to support climate solutions.


Social change happens when people follow trusted leaders that are part of their daily lives—where they live, work, learn, and pray.

Path to Positive: Los Angeles builds coalitions of leaders in five key community sectors: local government, faith, health, higher ed, and business, and provides them with the rationale and the resources they need to engage their diverse stakeholders in local climate solutions.


Collective action means we are more powerful when we work together -- within and across sectors. Path to Positive Los Angeles makes climate impacts local and relevant, and provides tangible solutions at the local and state level. These solutions prepare for and reduce climate threats and build new constituencies who will feel more personally connected to the issue, more hopeful, and empowered to act.

We are working to build deep and lasting support for climate action in Los Angeles, and across Southern California.

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